Harrisdale Campus

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Scholarships

GATE Program and Scholarships – Year 7 2021

Secondary School Only

Carey’s GATE pathway provides gifted and talented students with a stimulating and challenging STEM learning environment which empowers them with the skills to succeed and adapt to a changing world where demand for STEM experience is high and will continue to increase into the future.

The program incorporates 21st Century learning strategies focusing on project/problem solving inquiry based learning. Students are encouraged to excel in their areas of academic talent and develop a love of learning. STEM skills are crucial to innovation and development in our contemporary knowledge-based, competitive global economy.

The integration of STEM disciplines in real world design problems is a way of engaging students in imaginative and collaborative problem-solving and reasoning. Students in the STEM program can also be part of the Music Specialist program. Carey’s GATE programs aim to enrich student achievement in their journey through to Year 12.

The program comprises four components which will involve each of the four STEM disciplines. Each of these occur within a context. Carey works with organisations such as Curtin University and Murdoch University and industry to deliver this program.

Applications for the 2021 Program and Scholarships are now closed.

Music Scholarships

GATE Program and Scholarships – Year 7 2021

Secondary School Only

Our Gifted and Talented Entrance (GATE) Music Pathway provides students with the opportunity to participate in Carey’s Specialist Music Program.

Students enter the GATE Music Program in Year 7 and continue in the program until the end of Year 10. In Year 11 and 12, students can continue with Music as an ATAR subject.

Entrance to this selective program and the offer of scholarships is awarded based on musical excellence and performance in the academic test.

Applicants will be required to sit the academic test and participate in an audition.

Applications for the 2021 Program and Scholarships are now closed.

Academic Excellence Scholarships 

GATE Scholarships – Year 7 2021

Secondary School Only

High performing students in English, Humanities and the Arts are encouraged to apply for an Academic Excellence Scholarship at Carey Baptist College. These scholarships are open to students entering Year 7 in 2021.

Achieving a Carey Academic Excellence scholarship gives students the confidence to pursue other goals. It is important for students to recognise their own potential early in their academic career so that they foster its growth. Participating in classes with other gifted and talented students motivates and extends them.

Recipients of this scholarship will have consistently demonstrated an excellent academic standard and potential in a number of areas. Recipients will participate in a Year 7 program that offers variety, engagement and challenge.

Carey has developed a curriculum that is full of hands-on, learning-rich activities which are designed to not only engage the students, but also teach them problem solving skills, creativity and ways of learning that will benefit their later years of study.

Carey aims to encourage its students to develop a growth mindset which leads to a desire to learn and embrace challenges; persist in the face of setbacks; see effort as the path to mastery; learn from feedback; and celebrate the success of others.

Applications for the 2021 Scholarships are now closed.

The William Carey Scholarship

Secondary School Only

The William Carey Scholarship was created to offer educational opportunities for students who are either first-generation descendants of a refugee or are refugees themselves. It is a means-tested scholarship for eligible families on a limited income.

This scholarship is named after the pioneering Baptist missionary William Carey, who famously urged, ‘Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God’. Carey is remembered as a father of modern missions, a gifted linguist and educator and was responsible for translating the Bible into 44 different languages and dialects.

Carey Right Track Scholarship

Secondary School Only

The purpose of Carey Right Track Foundation Scholarship is to empower future indigenous leaders through educational opportunities at Carey Baptist College. The scholarships are awarded to indigenous students displaying leadership potential and a commitment to being positive role models within and beyond the Carey Community.

The vision of the Carey Right Track Foundation is to increase educational, leadership and community service aspirations and ability in young indigenous and remote people through developing their natural talents, leadership capacity and academic potential in the context of a Christian witness and community.

The Carey Right Track Scholarship is a means-tested scholarship for eligible families on a limited income.