From the Head of Primary

Our desire is for you and your family to be an integral part of this new community as we partner to focus on the holistic needs of the young lives that we are shaping towards a fulfilling future.
Since our commencement in 2016, it has been exciting to see the establishment of a strong community at our school.

Carey Forrestdale has benefited significantly from the years of experience garnered through our journey at the Harrisdale Campus. Much of the richness of this experience has been brought to bear in the planning, building and running of Carey Forrestdale.

Guided by passionate and skilled Carey educators who facilitate an extensive curriculum offering, students are encouraged to explore their God-given talents and unique strengths.

We believe that every encounter is an opportunity and we encourage parents to be a part of our community throughout and beyond your child’s years of learning at Carey Forrestdale.

Together, we can attempt the extraordinary.

Mr Anthony Ingram

Head of Primary


Our educators strive to see children flourish in the Australian Curriculum. Our teachers use a variety of different teaching methodologies to inspire learning and connection towards the core curriculum concepts. Our open-door policy encourages parents and students to speak with the classroom teacher about any issues.

The Assistant Principal, along with our Learning Support team and Class Teacher, all partner together to ensure your child learns well. Parents receive learning updates through class newsletters, bi-annual academic reports, teacher-parent interviews and Learning Journey classroom tour events held twice yearly.

All students use technology on a daily basis, gaining important skills and learning how to navigate the digital world. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and students access to devices such as Chromebooks or iPads to support the classroom curriculum.
Specialist Classes
From Pre-Primary, students begin weekly classes with specialist teachers in Art, Music, Languages and Physical Education.
Outdoor Learning
We believe in the value of immersing young people in the natural world, which is why outdoor learning plays an integral role in our curriculum. We give children opportunities to learn in nature; a rich outward experience for inward growth. Our campus is in a bush setting, with wetlands and bush areas intentionally retained to provide high quality, on-site outdoor classrooms. The landscape that surrounds us provides unlimited opportunities for academic, personal, community, and spiritual growth. Experiential learning provides rich, real-world experiences, facilitated by passionate and skilled educators who promote a lifestyle of continued learning from child to adulthood.
We offer Indonesian specialist classes to our Primary students. Students engage in weekly classes from Pre-Primary onwards.

Early Years

At Carey, we believe inspiring a love for learning in the Early Years is the best start to your child’s education.

Our play-based philosophy provides the best vehicle for curriculum delivery and leads to a solid foundation for a child’s learning. Carey educators foster an engaging environment through our experienced programs and tailor learning to fascinate the classroom of young minds.

Kindergarten classes operate as a five-day fortnight. Parents select their preference of a regular Monday and Tuesday or a Thursday and Friday, and both options include alternating Wednesdays.

Let It Grow Program

Offered before your child begins school, this event invites parents to connect with our educators and begin building on the sense of community within the class. Our teachers share practical tips on starting school, key information about your child’s development and what to expect as your child begins Kindergarten.

Pastoral Care

Relationships are foundational to how we approach Pastoral Care at Carey. We invest in each child’s character and grow an attitude towards resilience, perseverance, problem solving, mindfulness and peace-making.

The Build-up Zone (BUZ) Program integrates with our school culture and teaches social and emotional life skills to each student. The course covers topics such as understanding emotion, self-regulation, communication with friends, and conflict resolution.

Our Pastoral Care Program is both relational and consistent with high behavioural expectations. Carey’s values seek to guide a child’s character and behaviour as we work to create an environment where each student has the opportunity to flourish.

Our Chaplain provides relevant learning opportunities that align with the Bible and our values. The Chaplain also facilitates programs to support student’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Christian Education

Consistent with our vision and mission, the College views Christian Education as foundational in the curriculum. We believe in inviting students, through their learning, to engage with God’s Big Story that is revealed through the Bible.

In Primary, Christian Education is informal; Christian values and faith permeate our teaching methodology and informs conversation in classrooms. Our educators include daily prayers and Christian songs in lessons with the students, and our College Assemblies reflect and honour God. Our Chaplain offers relevant learning opportunities that align with the Bible.


College Life

We’ve been intentional in building a college community that not only focuses on academic achievement, but social connections, sporting and creative programs, and strong community networks.

The Arts
  • Highly respected Arts and Music programs.
  • Instrumental Music Tuition from Pre-Primary onwards.
  • Junior and Senior Choirs with opportunities to perform.
  • Inter-school sporting competitions for Years 5 and above.
  • Swimming Lessons for students from Years 1 to 6.
  • Co-curricular sport options, according to student interest.
Camps and Events
  • Regular excursions and incursions.
  • Camps for students in Year 5 to Year 10.
  • Annual Christmas Concert.
  • Focus on different calendar events such as Mental Health Week, R U OK Day, Harmony Day, Anzac Day and Book Week.
  • Regular School assemblies.
  • Curriculum Support and Enrichment Programs.
  • Regular assessment and reporting to parents on student progress.
  • Specialist teachers in Art, Music, Languages and Physical Education.
  • Sustainability and care for our world taught through our Community Vegetable Gardens and horticultural program.
  • Developing focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).
  • Access to devices such as Chromebooks and iPads. All classrooms are equipped with an interactive e-board or Apple TV.
  • Lunchtime Activity Groups at select times of the year: Chess, Lego, Gravitrax, Art and Writing Club.
  • Build-up Zone Program that teaches social and emotional life skills.
  • Outdoor learning through the Bush School program for all Primary School students.
  • FISH! For Schools program practises implemented by teachers and students.
  • Active partnerships with parents.
  • On-site Chaplain offering renowned courses for a child’s social, emotional and spiritual development.
  • Values-based school culture.
  • Strong pastoral care emphasis with high behaviour standards.
  • Celebrate cultural diversity.
  • Our educators are invested in developing inclusive strategies for all students based on the positive partnership model.