One of our commitments as an organisation is to encourage a culture that supports gender equality.

We treat our workforce the same and want both women and men to thrive in their individual roles. Everyone is valued and we have a zero tolerance for discrimination.

As an organisation, we aspire to be:

  • Aware of the importance of gender equality and respectful relationships.
  • Open to talk about gender inequality, gender stereotypes and discrimination or violence against staff.
  • Committed to taking action and being proactive in order to build a fairer workplace.
  • Supportive to our staff so they can access and enjoy the same opportunities, resources and rewards, regardless of gender.
  • Promoting values of fairness and equity.

Gender diversity has a wide range of benefits making us stronger as an organisation.

At Carey, we have opted to monitor gender diversity and report to the Workplace Gender Equality Act. This legislation creates a statutory body so it can support organisations to focus on eliminating discrimination on the basis of gender in employment.

There has been a great deal of research into the benefits of gender equality in the workplace. It promotes a more cohesive and productive workforce, as a result creating higher achievement levels. Gender-equal workforces bring together differing perspectives and approaches which result in balanced decisions.

Public declaration of our figures offers transparency. Our expectations and attitudes promote gender diversity. We communicate this to our staff, so we can build a strong and sustainable talent pool.

Our latest Gender Report is available below to view.
Alternatively, you can view all of our policies and publications on our website. If you are interested in joining our team, view our latest employment opportunities.