Carey is committed to fostering a culture where all people can flourish.

We believe that God loves all people deeply, and we desire that all people experience the goodness and love of God. We strive for a workplace where people have the opportunity to do their best work and contribute to creating flourishing communities of hope. 

We know that flourishing begins with being valued, appreciated and celebrated for who we are as individuals.  We strive to build a culture of goodness and equality and believe that gender equality must be a fundamental principle in everything we do. 

The broad aim of gender equality is to achieve equal opportunities and outcomes for women and men in workplaces, not necessarily outcomes that are exactly the same for all.

Carey strives to be:

  • Aware of the importance of gender equality and respectful relationships.
  • Open to talk about gender inequality, gender stereotypes and discrimination or violence against staff.
  • Committed to taking action and being proactive to build a fairer workplace.
  • Supportive to our staff so they can access and enjoy the same opportunities, resources and rewards, regardless of gender.
  • Promoting values of fairness and equity.
  • Regularly reviewing the regulations and policies that govern our work practices and guiding processes. 

We monitor gender diversity and report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. Our latest Gender Report is available to view here.