From the Principal

In encouraging our students to develop their potential, we place a major emphasis on supportive teaching and learning environments, both within and beyond the classroom.
Carey Baptist College is developing a strong reputation for outstanding academic achievement, positive pastoral care, and a rich diversity of co-curricular activities, including service learning.

Our reputation reflects a commitment to provide the best all-round education for our students by challenging them in their intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development.

Secondary learning takes place within a faith-based values system that encourages students to become independent, creative and flexible learners. This, together with a strong sense of responsibility to their community, reflects the best traditions of an independent Baptist education.

Carey’s Secondary education features:

  • A tradition of graduating exceptional young men and women of character and capacity.
  • Outstanding graduation pathways with a wide selection of both ATAR and Vocational qualifications.
  • Highly respected Arts and Music co-curricular programs.
  • A safe, rigorous and engaging learning community of over 800 secondary students.

I warmly encourage parents of potential students to visit the College and meet with myself and our leadership team. I invite you to experience a tour of our facilities whilst students are at work, and have a conversation about how a Carey education could add value to your son or daughter’s future.

Mr Brenden Gifford

Principal, Secondary School

Subject Selection Handbooks

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Carey will continue to provide a curriculum that can meet the needs of all students. We offer a balance within a Christian-based approach to all areas of the curriculum, enabling students to demonstrate mastery in the major learning areas. We give instruction and assessment consistent with the requirements of the Western Australian Curriculum as directed by School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).

The Middle Years (Year 7 to 10) of Secondary School are about developing competence and mastery in the core curriculum areas of Mathematics, English, Science, and the Humanities. These years are also about developing a breadth of experience and competence by exploring elective subjects that can lead to higher levels of expertise and enjoyment of learning.

The Senior Secondary Years are about creating graduation pathways that are suited to the individual skills and interests of each student and importantly are about establishing secure pathways into University or the Vocational and Training sector. Carey offers more than 40 WACE courses, catering for a complete range of interests and abilities.

Learning Outcomes
At Carey, we place a high value on pastoral and pedagogical models that develop the following characteristics amongst Carey students:
  • Responsible Learners
  • Lifelong Learners
  • Collaborative Learners
  • Effective Communicators
  • Critical and Creative Thinkers
  • Quality Producers and Consumers
  • Credible and Just Citizens
Students use devices from Year 7 to Year 12. We are a ‘Mac School’, transitioning to Chrome and Google based platforms that are technically and developmentally appropriate for each level of learning.
Extension & Streaming
The Curriculum aims to extend and enrich students through content that encourages them to delve deeper into learning and further develop skills and competencies. This is enhanced by the streaming process in Year 7 to 10 where students are engaged at individually assessed levels according to their performance.
  • Years 7 to 8: Students entering Year 7 are generally placed in mixed ability classes. Streaming begins in Maths and Science, where the students are streamed into two levels — Extension and Mainstream.
  • Years 9 to 10: Students are streamed for Maths, English, Science, and Humanities (MESH) classes. This provides students with the opportunity to extend their capabilities and work at a pace that reflects their ability level. Student streams and marks in Year 10 are used to guide the subjects that students can choose for Year 11 and 12.
  • Years 11 to 12: Year 11 and 12 students choose their courses by meeting subject prerequisites achieved on the Semester One reports in Year 10 and by considering their future aspirations. Students aim to complete their WA Certificate of Education (WACE) and continue their education at University or at TAFE.
  • Students will choose between an Australian Tertiary Aggregate Rank (ATAR) pathway that aims to provide students with an ATAR for entrance to University or a Vocational (VET) pathway that aims to provide students with a range of General courses, national qualifications and workplace learning. This pathway is designed for students who are aiming to attend TAFE, pursue an apprenticeship or are considering alternative University entrance pathways.
Exams begin in Year 9 as part of Carey’s rigorous and challenging approach to start equipping students for the demands of Senior School. Teachers prepare students for these exams, explaining the process and providing a framework for revision.
Academic Record
We celebrate highly competitive ATAR results — approximately 50% of our ATAR students ranking in the top 20% of ATAR students in Australia annually. Further, a high percentage of Carey ATAR students are offered places in their first preference course.

All vocational pathway graduates complete at least one nationally accredited Certificate II or higher.
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Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Team and educators work together for the wellbeing of students throughout their journey in Secondary School. Positive, healthy relationships assist our students to effectively navigate the challenges of adolescence and help them to thrive in the school environment.

Our behaviour code is founded on our core-College values and healthy behaviour is expected, taught, and affirmed. Our dedicated Psychologist, Secondary Chaplain, and Year Managers partner with Carey educators and Leadership to ensure a safe and caring environment.

At Carey, Pastoral Care is based on our core belief that we are all made in the image of God. Our approach to Pastoral Care reflects our commitment for every student to grow, develop and achieve their potential. Our systems are framed with this commitment, reflected by high expectations in learning and behaviour. We expect our students to strive for excellence in their achievement and encourage and enable others to do the same.

The Chaplain plays a key role in our Secondary Pastoral Care team, working with Year Managers, coming alongside students when there are social, emotional, or spiritual challenges.

Christian Education

Consistent with our vision and mission, the College views Christian Education as a key foundation in our curriculum.

At Carey, we recognise and respect that developmentally, students are exploring, questioning and deciding much of their worldview. We believe in offering opportunities for wise inquiry and authentic experience towards the transforming love of God and this cannot be forced. We believe in the importance of values and ethics and for this reason, we have developed a Beliefs and Values studies course that is age-appropriate for each year group. Our students learn how religious experience has consequently shaped the human experience and begin to see the significance of service.

Additionally, Christian values and faith permeate our teaching methodology and College culture. Our Christian educators may include prayers or Christian reference within the classroom, our College Assemblies reflect and honour God and our Chaplain offers relevant courses to students that connect our students with the Bible.

Year 7 Transition Program

Your child becomes an integral part of the Secondary School community as they begin Year 7 at Carey. Our Orientation Day gives all students an informal start to school while they are in Year 6. We place an emphasis on building relationships and familiarity with staff and the campus — while having fun!

Carey educators and Pastoral Care staff journey with Year 7 students, and Pastoral Care Programs are in place for extra support. The Year Manager will support your child through Years 7 to 9 and their Pastoral Care Group Teacher meets with them daily. Students are also assigned Year 10 peer mentors.

There are plenty of opportunities available for students to explore hidden talents through our range of Electives and Co-Curricular activities. Students also attend a Year 7 Camp, which focuses on building relationships with peers by encouraging inclusivity and participation.

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Workplace Learning Program

Carey Baptist College offers Workplace Learning as an Authority- Developed Endorsed Program. All General and Vocational Education Training students in Years 11 and 12 complete Workplace Learning as part of their studies. Workplace Learning consists of an application, safety, interview and induction process. Students then take part in practical, on-site placements which run for two weeks during June and November. Year 10 students may also access Workplace Learning as part of the X-Over Program towards the end of Term 4.

Workplace Learning provides students with the opportunity to explore their curiosity and future career prospects.

In 2020, nine Year 11 students successfully gained full-time apprenticeships as a result of the Workplace Learning Program.

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