Gifted and Talented Pathway (GATE)
Academic Excellence Scholarships

Applications for Year 7 2025 have closed. Late applications will not be accepted. Applications for Year 7 2026 will open in October 2024.


The Academic Excellence Program aims to develop the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, creativity,
communication, persuasion, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Carey’s GATE pathway provides gifted and talented students with a program designed to challenge and extend them to attain the highest levels of excellence.

Scholarship recipients will have consistently demonstrated an excellent academic standard and potential in a number of areas, particularly in English, Humanities and/or the Arts.

Carey has developed a GATE curriculum that is full of hands-on, innovative activities that are designed not
only to engage the students, but also to encourage creativity and ways of learning that will benefit their later years of study.

The integration of these skills in real-world contexts will engage students in collaborative problem-solving that
will enhance their research, analytical, writing and reasoning skills.

“Carey’s Academic Excellence Program has been an amazing opportunity, helping us discover new skills
and experience new ways of learning.” – A.P., GATE Academic Excellence student

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Includes information on programs, timelines, application process, HAST information and sample questions and FAQs.

Application Timeline


Applications Open: Mon 16 Oct 2023
Information Session: Thurs 15 Feb 2024 | 5-6pm
Applications Close: Thurs 14 Mar 2024 | 4pm
Test and Music Audition Invitations Emailed: Mon 25 Mar 2024 (week commencing)
Test Date: Sat 27 Apr | 8:45am-12:10pm
Music Audition Date: Sat 11 May | 8:30am-5:00pm
Performance Reports Emailed: Mon 27 May 2024
Round 1 Offers: Mon 3 June (week commencing)
Round 2 Offers: Mon 15 July (week commencing)
Certificates Sent: Mon 19 Aug (week commencing)
Unsuccessful Notifications Emailed: Mon 26 Aug (week commencing)

GATE Programs

Carey is deeply committed to providing access to incredible educational opportunities to all of our students. Our Gifted and Talented Program offers three programs – Academic Excellence, Music Specialist and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Carey has outstanding teachers and teaching facilities with innovative teaching programs that help to create opportunities for all. The GATE program assists gifted students to reach their potential through integrated and academically rigorous courses that emphasise enrichment, challenge and connection.

Enrolled students who are unsuccessful in being invited to sit the HAST Test or awarded a GATE Scholarship are eligible to be invited to participate in the GATE programs. Students are selected using their Semester reports and Year 5 NAPLAN results.


Scholarships are awarded to a select number of students in these programs. To apply for one of our scholarships, parents need to submit an application. Applications are reviewed by the College and if a student is shortlisted for a scholarship, they will be invited to sit a HAST Aptitude Test. This is produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research and used by over 100 secondary schools in Australia and internationally.

Scholarships are awarded to the highest-performing students on the basis of academic merit and potential. This is determined by their applications (including their Year 5 final school and NAPLAN reports) and the HAST results. The continuation of scholarship will depend on the student’s positive conduct and academic progress.

Successful students will be offered the following scholarships:

First Round Offers: 75% of deduction of academic tuition fees for the remainder of their schooling at Carey Baptist College.

Second Round Offers: 50% deduction of academic tuition fees for the remainder of their schooling at Carey Baptist College.