From the Principal

When children feel safe and loved, their capacity to learn is greater.
Our Primary School is a nurturing community where excellence in education is combined with strong pastoral care.

Our Primary School is a community who genuinely cares for the education and wellbeing of each and every child. We believe that each child is made in the image of God, and therefore has intrinsic worth and value. Children are created and designed with a plan and a purpose, and part of our role as educators is to discover and nurture the strengths and unique abilities each child possesses.

This belief underpins our values – it is why we have respect for each other, why we aim to be kind, humble and courageous, and why we need to have integrity.

At Carey, our culture is all about belonging and doing life together. With God at the centre of all we do, we see students flourish and thrive.

We actively partner with parents in the education of their child. Together, we have created a strong and supportive community committed to raising children who positively contribute to the world with compassion and a heart for others.

I warmly invite you to join us on an upcoming tour or to enquire with our Enrolments team and experience our vibrant community.

Ms Kellie Cockram

Principal, Primary School

College Life

We’ve been intentional in building a college community that not only focuses on academic achievement, but social connections, sporting and creative programs, and strong community networks.

The Arts
  • Primary School Music Soirées and competitions.
  • Instrumental Music Tuition from Pre-Primary onwards.
  • A Junior and Senior Choir with opportunities to perform.
  • Highly-respected Arts and Music programs.
  • Year 5 and 6 Band and Year 5/6 String Orchestra.
  • Ballet lessons with Miss Katherine Ballet.
  • Assisted entry for Year 5 students to our Concert Band.
  • Swimming Lessons for students from Year 1 to 5.
  • Participation in inter-house sport carnivals such as swimming, athletics, cross country and opportunities to represent the College at an inter-school level.
  • Parent-run Carey United Soccer Club.
  • Access to other clubs and sporting programs e.g. Running Club, ballet, basketball and gymnastics.
  • Interschool and WACSSA Swimming and Athletics events.
Camps and Events
  • Regular excursions and incursions.
  • Year 4 and Year 6 Camps.
  • Annual Primary School Christmas Concert.
  • Focus on different calendar events such as Mental Health Week, Harmony Day, Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and Book Week.
  • Primary School assemblies.
  • Charitable fundraisers.
  • Student leadership opportunities in Year 6.
  • Graduations for Pre-Primary and Year 6.
  • Primary School Disco.
  • Regular assessment and reporting to parents on student’s progress.
  • Curriculum Support and Gifted and Talented Programs from Kindergarten onwards.
  • Weekly classes with specialist teachers in Art, Music, Languages and Physical Education.
  • Sustainability and care for our world taught through our Carey Community Garden and We Love Our Earth Club.
  • Numero Club.
  • Focus on STEM, Technology and Robotics and Coding.
  • State-of-the-art Teasdale iCentre and library.
  • Access to devices such as Chromebooks, Macbooks and iPads. All classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard.
  • An aviary featuring a variety of Australian birds.
  • Active partnerships with parents.
  • On-site Chaplain offering renowned courses for a child’s social, emotional and spiritual development.
  • Buddy System: Years 3 to 6 are partnered with younger students to be encouraging role models.
  • Values-based school culture.
  • Strong pastoral care emphasis with high behaviour standards.


Our educators are committed to seeing children succeed in all areas of the Australian Curriculum.

Our teachers use a variety of different teaching methodologies to inspire learning and connection towards the core curriculum concepts.

Our open door policy encourages parents and students to speak with the classroom teacher about any issue.

Core-curriculum taught by experienced Carey educators covers the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education (HPE), Languages (Japanese, Indonesian and Mandarin), Technologies and The Arts.

The Assistant Principal for Curriculum, along with our Learning Support team and Class Teacher, all partner together to ensure your child learns well.

Parents receive learning updates through class newsletters, bi-annual academic reports, teacher-parent interviews and Learning Journey classroom tour events held twice yearly.

Early Years

Our play-based learning curriculum is the best foundation for your child’s learning journey. We understand that children are unique and develop at different rates, so our pedagogy aims to proactively lead the child towards learning and growth in all areas of their development within a nurturing environment. Our program offers a gentle yet purposeful transition into school curriculum and routine.

Our educators are intuitive and attentive to the developmental milestones for a child. Early identification of a child’s individual learning style and needs takes place within the classroom and our staff work with each child to optimise their learning.

Kindergarten classes operate as a five-day fortnight. Parents select their preference of a regular Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday and both options include alternating Wednesdays. From Pre-Primary, students attend school full-time from Monday to Friday.

Let’s Go! Program

We wholeheartedly believe in partnering with parents in the development of their child and therefore, we have created a parenting program that starts before your child begins school at Carey.

Our Let’s Go! Program offers relevant and helpful topics by experienced professionals that support the parent and child toward a great start in education.

Pastoral Care

Relationships are foundational to how we approach Pastoral Care at Carey.

Our educators and staff are committed to building positive and meaningful relationships to optimise your child’s learning potential.

We invest in each child’s character and growing attitude towards resilience, perseverance, problem solving, mindfulness and peace-making.

In addition to our core College values, our Primary School also embraces the values of honesty, compassion, responsibility, self-discipline and service.

Beginning in Kindergarten, our philosophy is underpinned by this values-based culture. Your child will be actively encouraged and nurtured towards these character traits.

Our Behaviour Code also stems from our pastoral care and appropriate behaviour is expected, taught, and affirmed.

Our Primary School Chaplain provides relevant learning opportunities that align with the Bible and our Carey values.

Our Chaplain also facilitates programs to support student’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Christian Education

We believe in inviting children, through their learning, to engage with God’s Big Story, which is revealed through the Bible.

Christian Education is informal; Christian values and faith permeate our teaching methodology and informs conversation in classrooms.

Our educators include daily prayers or Christian songs with the children and our assemblies reflect and honour God.