Gifted and Talented Pathway (GATE)
STEM Selective Program and Scholarships

Applications are now closed.


Carey’s GATE pathway provides gifted and talented students with a stimulating and challenging STEM learning environment which empowers them with the skills to succeed and adapt to a changing world where demand for STEM experience is high and will continue to increase into the future.

The program incorporates 21st Century learning strategies focusing on project/problem solving inquiry based learning. Students are encouraged to excel in their areas of academic talent and develop a love of learning. STEM skills are crucial to innovation and development in our contemporary knowledge-based, competitive global economy.

The integration of STEM disciplines in real world design problems is a way of engaging students in imaginative and collaborative problem-solving and reasoning. Students in the STEM program can also be part of the Music Specialist program. Carey’s GATE programs aim to enrich student achievement in their journey through to Year 12.

The program comprises four components which will involve each of the four STEM disciplines. Each of these occur within a context. Carey works with organisations such as Curtin University and Murdoch University and industry to deliver this program.

Entrance to the Program

Entrance to this selective program and the awarding of scholarships is based on performance in a HAST aptitude test produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research and used by over 100 Secondary schools in Australia and Internationally.

The student’s Year 5 NAPLAN results and most recent school report are also taken into account as part of the selection process.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and potential for the remainder of time the student attends the College. The continuation of the scholarship will depend on the student’s positive conduct, involvement in the program and academic progress. Scholarship recipients will be reviewed annually.

Successful students will be offered the following scholarships:

First Round Offers: 75% deduction of academic tuition fees for the remainder of their schooling at Carey Baptist College.

Second Round Offers: 50% deduction of academic tuition fees for the remainder of their schooling at Carey Baptist College.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed.

Additional Information

  • Applications must be received by 4pm on the closing date of Monday 6 April. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Testing is held in Year 6 for entrance in Year 7 2021.
  • Parents will be notified by email on Wednesday 8 April if their child has been invited to sit the HAST academic entrance test.
  • The test has been produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research and is used by over 100 Secondary schools across Australia and internationally.
  • The test date is Saturday 2 May in Building J, Carey Baptist College, 51 Wright Road Harrisdale. The test commences at 9am.
  • Places will be offered on the basis of test scores and the documents attached to the application.
  • If selected, your child will be offered a place at Carey Baptist College and a scholarship, subject to an interview with the Principal. Please note that there is a payment of an enrolment fee of $250 at the acceptance of external enrolments.
  • All other costs, levies and charges outside of the Scholarship are the responsibility of the parents.
  • Students can apply for the Music Specialist Program, STEM GATE Program and the Academic Excellence Scholarship, but if successful will only be awarded one scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients will be reviewed annually.

Application Timeline – 2021 Program

Information Session
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Applications Close
Mon 6 April 4pm

Test Invitations Emailed
Wed 8 April

Test Date
Sat 2 May – 9am

Places Offered
Week commencing Mon 25 May