Gifted and Talented Pathway (GATE)
STEM Selective Program and Scholarships

Applications for the 2023 Program are now closed


The GATE STEM program integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills in a stimulating and challenging learning environment designed to cater for the academic and developmental needs of gifted and talented students.

Carey’s GATE pathway provides gifted and talented students with a stimulating and challenging STEM learning environment which empowers them with the knowledge and skills to succeed and adapt to a changing world where demand for STEM experience is high and will continue to increase into the future.

The program incorporates 21st Century learning strategies focusing on project/problem solving and inquiry-based learning. Students are encouraged to excel in their areas of academic talent and develop a love of learning.

STEM skills are crucial to innovation and development in our contemporary knowledge-based, competitive global economy. The integration of STEM disciplines in real-world design problems is a way of engaging students in imaginative and collaborative problem-solving and reasoning.

The program comprises four components which will involve each of the four STEM disciplines. Each of these occur within a context. Carey works with organisations such as Curtin University, Murdoch University and industry to deliver this program.

Features of the Program

The GATE STEM program comprises two weekly sessions each week. It includes:

  • Challenge Series: Students are issued a series of short challenges which are school, university or industry-based. They will be required to operate individually and in groups.
  • STEM Competitions: Depending on availability, students enter age-relevant competitions which may include engineering, energy, space or environmental challenges.
  • Coding and Construction: Students use coding, science and mathematics in the construction and operation of a given device or one they have constructed.
  • Investigation: Students are given a problem, or present a problem they would like to investigate. They collect evidence and offer a solution as a result. The aim is to follow the scientific investigative process and present their findings.

Year 7 Program

STEM scholarship recipients will also participate in the Science and Mathematics Extension Programs. Both are based on the WA curriculum with added project-based and enrichment activities. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of competitions that complements
their learning.

Science Extension: This course focuses on developing self-directed learning and decision-making, collaborative investigations and field trips to experience Science in action.
Mathematics Extension: This program has a greater emphasis on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. It utilises enrichment activities to extend the students.

As part of the Year 7 program, GATE students are also able to participate in a range of other extension activities, including:
Music: Students can choose Music and be selected to participate in Specialist Music. Carey offers an extensive co-curricular ensemble program, including Contemporary, Jazz and Western Art bands, a choir and vocal ensembles.
Extension Classes: Students may also be selected for the Extension classes in English and Humanities. These develop collaboration, research, creativity and critical thinking skills.
Education Perfect: This is an online platform used in English, Science and Languages.
Languages: Students choose to study ONE of Indonesian, Japanese or Mandarin.
Year 7 Electives: Students can choose from different Technology subjects ranging from Food and Nutrition to Computing: Applications. In the Arts, students will experience both Visual and Media Arts, and they can choose between the Performing Arts of Dance, Drama or Music.
STEM Electives: Year 7 STEM electives are available to all students. These are Coding and Aviation, which incorporate design thinking and project-based learning.
Extra-Curricular Program: Carey offers a range of extra-curricular activities, including participation in ACC competitions and carnivals; Specialist Basketball and Soccer in Year 9 and 10; Carey Jewels Cheer and Pom; and a biennial College Musical / Drama production.


If selected, students will sit a HAST Aptitude Test which is produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research and used by over 100 Secondary schools in Australia and Internationally. Scholarships are awarded to the highest performing students on the basis of academic merit and potential, based on their applications and HAST test results. The continuation of the scholarship will depend on the student’s positive conduct and academic progress.

Successful students will be offered the following scholarships:

First Round Offers: 75% deduction of academic tuition fees for the remainder of their schooling at Carey Baptist College.

Second Round Offers: 50% deduction of academic tuition fees for the remainder of their schooling at Carey Baptist College.

Achieving a GATE STEM scholarship gives students the confidence to pursue other goals. It provides students with experiences and skills that will motivate and extend them in preparation for their senior years and beyond. Plans are underway for a Singapore STEM trip in 2023 (COVID permitting). Places to visit include the Singapore Science Centre, the Art Science Museum, STEM centres such Hiverlab and Fusionworld, as well as various schools and tertiary institutions.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed for 2023.

For further information regarding the GATE Music Specialist scholarship, application or selection process, please contact Mr R. Stirling – Assistant Principal at

Application Timeline

Applications Close: Thursday 24 March 2022 | 4pm
Test Invitations emailed: Monday 4 April 2022
HAST Test Date: Saturday 7 May 2022 | 9am
Music Audition Date: Saturday 14 May 2022
Round 1 Offers: Emailed Monday 30 May
Round 2 Offers: Emailed From mid-June

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