A United Group

The Carey Group is a community of people united by a common dream.

We long for nothing less than a world transformed by Christ’s love and believe we are called on a mission with God to attempt the extraordinary.

The Carey Baptist College campuses are also home to Carey Baptist Church, Jump Carey Early Development, Timber Café and the Carey Centre.

A Strong Foundation

The Carey Group is named after the pioneering Baptist missionary William Carey, who famously urged, ‘Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God’.

It has birthed a remarkable community where hope, compassion, family, and learning are valued and fostered, and we have been able to celebrate many successes along the way.

Carey’s story began in 1996 with Carey Baptist Church. The church was started by a handful of pioneers who dreamt of a place which would be a home for the community — one where faith in God doesn’t provide an excuse to escape from the world, but is a springboard for relevant and active engagement with it.

A Faithful Journey

Bringing the Carey dream to life involved planting Carey Baptist College, and later, Jump Carey Early Development.

As we walk around the campuses and interact with our students, it is easy to forget the fragility of Carey’s birth. It is a testament to God’s provision and guidance and a reminder of what is possible when a community of ordinary people are prepared to embark on a journey of faith with an extraordinary God.

Since opening our doors in 1998, the co-educational College has built up a reputation as an educator of excellence. The Harrisdale campus provides Kindergarten to Year 12 and educates over 1,450 students. The Forrestdale campus currently offers Kindergarten to Year 9.