Our leadership team has been prayerfully considered and appointed for their professional experience as well as their personal strengths.

These leaders work to shape the school by supporting the curriculum, culture, social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff, and of course, the College’s academic achievements. Each one of our staff brings a diverse background to their role and actively contributes to Carey Baptist College’s growing community.

College Leadership

Carey Baptist College

Executive Team


Executive Principal
Mrs Jennifer Argue


Principal (Primary School) – Harrisdale Campus
Ms Kellie Cockram


Principal (Secondary School) – Harrisdale Campus
Mr Brenden Gifford


Principal – Forrestdale Campus
Mr Nigel Wise

Assistant Principals

Harrisdale Campus

Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care
Primary School

Mr Anthony Ingram


Assistant Principal – Curriculum
Primary School

Mrs Julie Pienaar


Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care
Secondary School

Dr Carolyn Montgomery


Assistant Principal – Curriculum
Secondary School

Mr Rob Stirling

Forrestdale Campus

Assistant Principal – Curriculum
Mrs Sue Yardley

Carey Group


CEO/Director of Ministries
Mr David Kilpatrick


Director of Business
Mr Tim Dorsman


Manager of Finance and Systems
Mr Gert Strydom


Director of Carey Strategic
Mr Jeff Miller

College Governance

The College is an incorporated not-for-profit association governed by a Council. The Council consists primarily of members of the Board of Carey Community Baptist Church. Given the level of expertise required to govern an educational institution, a College Governor’s Council has been appointed to carry out a substantial amount of the governance function. The Governor’s Council’s key responsibilities include:

  • Deciding the vision, mission, and values.
  • Setting and reviewing the strategic direction.
  • Monitoring financial health.
  • Setting the overarching policy.
Carey Baptist College Governance Council

Chris White (Chair)
Tracy Holmes
Monica O’Neil
David Kilpatrick
Roger Lee
Gary Robinson

Carey Group Board

Charmaine Hugo (Chair)
John Olley (Secretary)
Michael Crouch
Roger Lee
Ellis Taylor
Leanne Watson
Tania Watson
Chris White

To contact the College Governor’s Council, phone the College (08) 9394 9111 or write to:

The Chairman of the Governor’s Council
Carey Baptist College
PO Box 1409
Canning Vale WA 6970