Outdoor Education Expedition

Outdoor Education Expedition

In Week 6, 29 Year 11 Outdoor Education students headed up to Kalbarri for a four-day expedition.

The students engaged in a wide variety of activities during the expedition including a visit to Chiverton House Museum in Northampton, canoeing up the Murchison River (Australia’s second longest river) and abseiling into the Z bend gorge in Kalbarri National Park.

The activities really challenged the students practical skills as well as teamwork as they had to work together to achieve their goals. The abseiling included a 30m face as well as a 40m face which was mostly an overhang meaning students feet were not even in contact with the cliff face. We spent our nights camping out at Murchison House Station, which is a working station on the banks of the river. The campsite feels really remote and is in a very natural setting.

The expedition provided a fantastic learning environment and was the culmination of about 8 weeks worth of planning for the students. Everything from equipment lists, menu plans, risk management and environmental research are all addressed in the planning phase where the course requires them to be self-sufficient and independent. For some, it was a steep learning curve but the students rose to the challenge really well and they should all be really proud of themselves. Through the course of the fours days, they have all earned memories they will keep for a lifetime.