Year 10s and 11s meet incredible Holocaust Survivor

Year 10s and 11s meet incredible Holocaust Survivor
On Tuesday, our Harrisdale Year 10 Humanities and Year 11 History students had the incredible opportunity to hear from Holocaust survivor, Hetty Verolme about her experiences living through Nazi persecution as a child.
Hetty is now 91 years old and lives in Perth. Hetty shared her story of when Germany occupied the Netherlands in World War 2 and how she and her family were forcibly removed from their home and imprisoned in German concentration camps in 1943.
Students listened intently as she retold her story of hardship and survival, and inspired the students to always believe that tomorrow will be better.
Head of Humanities, Mr Austin, said Hetty had a powerful story to share and her words had a significant impact on the students.
“At the end of each address, she charged the students to tell her story of the Holocaust to their own children and grandchildren, lest they forget.”
Thank you Hetty Verolme, it was a privilege to have you speak at Carey again.