New Social Wellbeing Program for Year 8 Students

New Social Wellbeing Program for Year 8 Students

This semester we have begun a new social well-being program for our Year 8 students. Through the ‘Real Life’ program we are working in partnership with families to educate and equip students with skills to manage their personal wellbeing and relationships with others. 

On Tuesday 9 August our Year 8 families gathered for an Information Session to explore the content students are working through in their extended Homeroom sessions. 

Parents were challenged to stack cups in teams using string and a rubber band – a wonderful illustration of how our actions directly impact others. We also explored different personality communication styles and parents were given a helpful framework to help students and families resolve conflict. 


Specifically designed for girls in Year 8, In Real Life: Real Friends addresses topics such as making and being a good friend, dealing with gossip, communication styles, conflict resolution, managing emotions, social media and safety, plus assists girls in identifying their support networks. The program runs over eight 50-minute sessions, and encourages girls to grow their communication with each other, build each other up and handle feelings in helpful ways.

In Real Life – Equip is the boys’ program covering building skills in the areas of teamwork, resolving conflict, assertive communication and emotional regulation. ‘In Real Life: Equip’ also looks at safe and respectful use of technology and social media, and personal strengths, plus encourages students to identify their support networks.

We’re excited to commence this new program and look forward to hosting families in future evenings across all Year groups.