Are you interested in being a Host Employer?

Carey Baptist College offers Workplace Learning as an Authority- Developed Endorsed Program. All General and Vocational Education Training students in Years 11 and 12 complete Workplace Learning as part of their studies. Workplace Learning consists of an application, safety, interview and induction process. Students then take part in practical, on-site placements which run for two weeks during June and November. Year 10 students may also access Workplace Learning as part of the X-Over Program towards the end of Term 4.

Workplace Learning provides students with the opportunity to explore their curiosity and future career prospects.

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Benefits for Students

  • The opportunity to develop work-related competencies and acquire work-ready skills;
  • An increased self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence;
  • A better understanding of the work environment and how they may be expected to perform in the workplace;
  • An introduction to recruitment practices and enhanced opportunities for apprenticeships or casual employment;
  • The opportunity to include the employer’s work experience evaluation in future job and course applications; and
  • An increased motivation to continue studying and/or undertake further training.

Benefits for Parents and Guardians

  • The opportunity to discuss work with their child, including their own previous and current experiences;
  • The opportunity to engage with hosts in their child’s industry of interest and better understand the opportunities available for their child; and
  • Increased employer contacts for their child.

Benefits for Host Employers

  • The opportunity to identify young people with potential in specific industries;
  • The opportunity to strengthen employer links within the community and raise business profile;
  • Increased supervisory, training and mentoring skills for appropriate staff;
  • A reduction in time and money spent on advertising jobs and screening potential employees;
  • The chance to delegate entry-level tasks to keen young-starters while promoting the attitudes and skills associated with the business;
  • No financial outlay as the College covers the student’s insurance and all that is required from the employer is time and investment.

Are you interested in being a Host Employer?

The College invites Parents/Guardians and members of our community who are interested in hosting or facilitating the hosting of students in their business/industry to contact or complete the form here.