Carey Forrestdale Team Compete in State Equestrian Interschools Event

Carey Forrestdale Team Compete in State Equestrian Interschools Event

In April, three Carey Forrestdale Secondary students, Mia, Taylor and Sophie, competed in the Equestrian WA Interschool State Championship, held across four days at the State Equestrian Centre in Brigadoon. 

The competition involved various events such as dressage, vaulting, jumping, show horse and combined training.

Taylor Palmer (Year 9), riding her horse Ollie, competed in most of these events and came 7th overall for 90cm show jumps, 6th in the novice dressage and 6th in the 80cm combined training. Taylor also qualified for the State team and is eligible to represent WA, competing against other high school students from across the country at national events.

Sophie Dagnall (Year 8), riding her horse Wenda Park Ducati did really well in her dressage and came 5th in her novice event, 9th in both her show jumping events (60cm and 70cm) and 8th place in the preliminary dressage. 

Mia Tollarzo (Year 10) competed with two horses in various disciplines. Riding her horse, Delta of Ebony Park, she came 6th and 7th place in the prelim and novice dressage, 6th place in the show hunter and successfully completed all phases of the jumping 60cm.

Mia’s second ride was on a borrowed horse as her pony Stanley could not compete, replacing him in the elementary dressage for two 6th places and the medium dressage for 2nd and 3rd place overall. 

Mia qualified for the 2023 Melbourne Interschools to represent WA at medium dressage level but decided not to this year. Mia is instead aiming to qualify for the 2024 competition. 

Congratulations to all the girls on their fantastic achievements and a big thank you to Mrs Lacey for supporting the riders in this event.