Carey Primary Students Excel in APSMO Maths Program

Carey Primary Students Excel in APSMO Maths Program

This year sixty students from Years 4 to 6 took part in the programs run by the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad (APSMO). From around Australia and New Zealand over 100,000 students were registered in one or more of the programs. These programs consist of challenging mathematical problems over five different sessions throughout the year. 

For the first time, Year 4 students were able to take part in a new program called Maths Explorer. Mrs Onamade led her class in a trial of this program that was enjoyed by all. For the final session, all of the students achieved 100% demonstrating real growth in this area. Congratulations to you all.

 A class of Year 6 students, under the guidance of Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Shaw, took on the next level of difficulty, the Maths Games. As a team, they consistently scored above-average results and it was great to see how they developed over the year. Well done to them all. Nine students from the group achieved a score in the top 10% nationally of individual student results. Congratulations on this great achievement. 

Finally, some students from Maths Enrichment with Mrs Leach, Mrs Beal and Mrs Hutchinson, tackled the hardest level, the Maths Olympiad with resilience, determination, and a great demonstration of mathematical agility. As a team, they scored in the top 10% nationally out of over 1,400 teams. An amazing result. Individually, nine of these students placed in the top 25% out of over 33,000 participants. Congratulations to you all. 

 We received a letter from the General Manager of APSMO congratulating the school on its great achievements this year, in which she writes: 

“Teams that perform well in the Maths Olympiads are usually guided by a teacher who is passionate about the development of maths problem-solving skills and strives to challenge their students to think more creatively and clearly in this area.” 

This describes all the teachers that have taught these students Maths over the years as well as the support received from families. Well done to everyone who took part in a program in 2022. We look forward to expanding the program for 2023.

– Mrs Tanya Hutchinson | Primary Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator