Year 7 Drama Performance

Year 7 Drama Performance

The Carey Harrisdale Year 7 Drama students have been developing workshop performance versions of famous folktales, which encourage moments of audience interaction and participation.

Last Thursday, the Drama students put on a show, with performances including “The Emperor’s New Clothes”; “Rapunzel Revisited”; “Thumbelina” and “The Racers (The Hare and the Tortoise)”.

The Drama students were thrilled to welcome children from Jump Carey Early Development to be their audience, and they proved to be a very appreciative audience! Two of the Year 7 Drama students brought in home-made cupcakes for their baking scene and the audience enjoyed morning tea together after the performance.

It was an incredibly successful event that the Drama Department hope to repeat in the future. Thank you to the Jump children and staff for joining us and congratulations to the Year 7 students on a wonderful performance!