Year 4 Camp Student Recount

Year 4 Camp Student Recount

Year 4 Camp Recount 2023

By Gianna, Year 4

On the 23rd and 24th of October 2023, the Year 4 students, 13 parent helpers and Year 4 teachers set off to Boshack Eco Camp in Wattening. We went there to learn about God, team work, new skills and making new friends. But also to have fun!

At 7:45am, we said goodbye to our parents and we departed. I sat next to Avin. When we drove to Wattening, we drove past Swan Valley and I saw lovely farms with horses and alpacas. At around 8:30 am, we stopped at a petrol station for a toilet break. At around 9:45 am, we arrived. We unloaded our luggage into the dining hall.

We then took a quick bus ride to a nearby farm and we got off. There were a lot of flies. After around 10-15 minutes, we were on the farm. My friends and I quickly ate some snacks before going into our groups. I was in the group Melaleuca. A guy named Steve told us about a famous prisoner ( I forgot the name ). Next we went to feed some horses. I didn’t feed them because I was scared. The next day we did Dreamtime Reflections and we talked about our goals. Then we looked for some sticks. We then got pranked by another Boshack helper called Chrissi. She gave us some gummy worms. They were yummy.

But, unfortunately, we had to pack up and at around 12pm we left. I sat next to Naka. We did each other’s hair and we talked a lot. Overall, I enjoyed the camp because it was fun. But the one thing I hated were the flies everywhere.