Year 4 Camp 2024

From the 18th to the 19th of April 2024, the Year 4 students at Carey Baptist College Harrisdale, had the Year 4 camp. We travelled by bus to Boshack Eco Camp in Wattening. Students participated in different activities like shelter building, paperback forest hike, canoeing, rafting and a night walk. It was so much fun spending the night in cabins with our friends. Some of us played some music and danced in our cabins. We had a very enjoyable camp.

By Mrs Onamade and Year 4D

On camp, our group, Sheok did shelter building with Helen on the first day and we had half an hour to make a sustainable shelter. In my group was Aditiya, Keanu, Moob and I. In the first 10 minutes, we made the roof and walls to make sure they were strong. After 10 more minutes, we reinforced our shelter with more thick sticks. We made the exterior of the shelter and cleaned up the inside. At the end,  we showed the other groups our shelter and looked at the other shelters built by our friends, then we went back to Boshack Camp. 

By Lionel Cale

During the year 4 camp, we were divided into three activity groups Melealuka, Sheok and Banksia. My group was called Banksia. The first thing we did was to go into a paperbark forest with paper bark trees. The air in the forest was very cool because the paperbark trees soak up water, and as the air passes through the trees it cools down by the cool water stored in the tree. The bark of the tree was very soft and felt like tissue paper. The forest continued through a narrow path until it reached a dead end. In the forest, we also saw a small stream of water. When we were walking to the end, we saw a very big, colourful spider web. After that, we took a long 20-minute walk back to the campgrounds.

By Reuben Kurniadi

On the 18th of April the Year 4 students, staff and parents went to the Year 4 Camp at Boshack.

First, the students, staff and parents packed everything they needed in small suitcases or weekend bags. When the students had had a healthy and big breakfast they loaded their things in their cars. They drove with their families to Carey Baptist College Harrisdale’s Uniform Shop (even if their child had not finished their breakfast because they needed to be there at 7:00 because the buses would depart at 7:45). When the students arrived,  they parked their car, jumped out and headed to the lawn that was positioned right outside the Uniform shop. Once they got there they took out one bag of snacks ( 6 pack ) and put it in a big clear plastic box labelled “Camp”. After that, we went to the Timber toilets because the ride would be about 2 hours. When the students were done they said goodbye to their families. When they got there they put their luggage by the lake and went back on the bus then the bus took them to the farm. Once they got there they got off the bus and the bus returned to Perth. The students were divided into the groups: Melaleuca, Banksia and Sheoak. Then they took turns feeding the Alpacas and Horses, learnt about the sheep wool, and went “mining” for quartz. Later at night, the students ate burgers and ice cream for dinner, and then the Melaleuca group went on a night walk and saw turtles and peahens.

I loved Year 4 Camp and I hope you will too!

By Ellie YIP