Wellness Dog Starts at Forrestdale

Wellness Dog Starts at Forrestdale
Yesterday we welcomed a brand new member to our Forrestdale community.
She is the smallest, fluffiest addition to our Forrestdale Family, our beautiful wellness dog!
All of the students voted on her name and the votes have finally been tallied so we can announce that her name is…
She was welcomed by an assembly full of excited students who did an excellent job of restraining their screams and gasps so our little 8-month old puppy wouldn’t be too overwhelmed.
Over the next few weeks, Bonnie will be with Mrs Vasu and Mrs Trezona for half-days while she adjusts to the school and continues her training.
Bonnie will eventually work towards visiting students during their classes to provide a source of comfort, joy and calming.
Welcome to Forrestdale Bonnie!