’Turtle-ology’ presentation

’Turtle-ology’ presentation

Earlier this year, the billabong on our Carey Forrestdale bush block was cleared out by some very kind people.

Lots of rubbish was removed and the volunteers were surprised to discover a sleepy long-necked turtle buried in the dirt. In early November, SERCUL (South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare) gave a ’Turtle-ology’ presentation to our Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

Students learned all about the Eastern Long-necked Turtle’s habitat, features, adaptations and threats. Presenter Erin demonstrated how to safely pick up an injured turtle if we ever needed to rescue one. Students asked many questions and enjoyed touching and inspecting the turtle shells.

With the new vegetation recently being planted around the billabong, we are hopeful that it will soon become a lovely breeding ground for lots more of these beautiful native reptiles.