The year that’s been …

“The year that’s been…”

Through the eyes of one of our Year 6 students

This was it. No more holidays, sleeping in, hanging with friends and work. We dauntingly lined up in front of their new classrooms for 2019, this was it, the final year of Primary. Now enter Mr Pitman, Mr Seggie and Ms Lionnet. Our last three teachers and our transition teachers. Students were ecstatic for a new year but still quite apprehensive. After this, our 8th year in primary, some would be crossing the picket fence while others would be exiting the gates for the final time. We had heard rumours of all the fun things ahead like the Year 6 camp, Parliament House, and Sports Carnivals. For some of us, we have been together for 8 years and this was going to be the official end of our young years and the start of a new, thrilling time for each one of us.

Two buses lurched up onto the oval. Mr Ingram at the wheel of one and Mr Chidgzey at the other. As we kissed our parents’ goodbye, we eagerly entered the sweltering bus, only one had the air-conditioner. I guess some people pay good money for a sauna. Music was pumping and students were hyped. Yes. Year 4 camp was intriguing, but it was nothing compared to what they were about to experience, this was 5 days that were never going to be forgotten. Some students had heard of the marvellous adventures from older siblings who had been on this terrific camp. 5 days, no family, just friends, classmates, teachers, and group leaders.

I got off the bus tired and I dragged what seemed to be 500kg of luggage into a small oven-like room. The Year 6 teachers stood at the doors of the common room like dictators on a power trip outlined the rules about eating. The word lasagne was mentioned and most of the students cheered. The celiac students moaned but who wouldn’t if you couldn’t eat pasta. “Clean the dorms, get organised, brush teeth, shower and go to bed”. No time for breaks, this was Year 6 camp! Several activities were aligned for me. One of my favourites had to be high ropes or the heist. I loved them all when we went caving many people like Kayne and Aliya faced their fears, they conquered it all and they ended up having a marvellous time. After we all gobbled down our last dinner at camp we ran to our dorms to get changed into our underwater, ocean theme. Then we had an hour to practice and practice our acts. We were 13th in line for our act, there numerous acts like skits, jokes, and dance routines. But there was one thing that neither I nor anyone in that very room for our performance could forget and that was Mrs Napoli. In between acts Mr Seggie and her would come up onto the stage to announce the next act or for comedy or just imitate the past one. We couldn’t stop laughing at their jokes and Mrs Napoli’s ‘unique’ singing skills. Especially when she completely embarrassed her daughter Aliya. Not even Mr Seggie could compete. After the spontaneous acts, we broke out into our dance moves to our favourite music. The day after we laid on the bus, tired, several kids slept and only woke to the sound of our lovely parents waiting for our arrival. After I got home, I slumped on my bed and fell asleep in an instant.

BANG! There goes the gun. Now the only sound I could hear was cheering of children and loud panting of the students. The tension was unbearable. Who. Was. Going. To. Win? Most of us could hear our hearts pounding in our chests and our throats were rasped and dry from screaming. This happened multiple times. Repeatedly students ran as fast as they could. Pushing themselves to help their house come up on top. This was it, I had just finished cheering for my peers, now there I was looking attentively at Mr Ingram, thinking about everything, my mind was racing and my heart was pounding. I looked to my left and then to my right, to see my competitors. BANG! A slight hesitation but then I was off, it was a blur. Everyone cheering seemed to be muffled out, there was one goal and that was to get to the finish line first. Throughout the whole day. Most students took part in races like the 100, 200, 400 and even 800m run. Jordan Hamilton, one of the year 6’s was taking part in the relay. Given this was the last relay the stakes were higher than ever. His faction, Court was ahead and the next runner handed him the baton, then out of all surprise he dropped it. Then once again and again! This had given Campbell a runner from Williams to sweep and take the lead. There was intense screaming. And nail-biting for the two factions. Jordan sprinted and hunted Campbell down like a cheetah and won the race for Court. Kids also tried such activities like long jump, javelin, and shotput.  After two long days of running and countless days of eagerness, the results were out. Willaims had won.

The wind was blowing, there was the year 6’s out the front of Western Australia’s Parliament house. All the teachers were thinking of the same thing. Why? Why did we trust these kids? They’re gonna demolish Parliament. The group was asked, what legislation would you want to pass…Caitlyn wild and keen raised her hand. She answered but due to confidentiality, I cannot repeat what was said. Mr Seggie’s face narrowed. Let’s just say for the rest of the day Caitlyn did not make it to the front of the line. I also do not think she has made it out to lunch or recess on time since either. Some students encountered the speaker telling members of the legislative assembly to be quiet. While others bumped into Premier Mark McGowan and got to talk and take a picture. Apart from this we also got to learn how to vote, we had to vote out of numerous chocolate and lollies. I crossed my fingers, who was going to win? In our class Skittles came on top. Over half the class voted for them. Some were overjoyed while others were disappointed.

Overall this year has been quite wild. The class of 2019 has been through a lot of exhilarating memories that will never be forgotten, from Year 6 Camp to sports carnivals, and Parliament House. They have all grown to be kind, loving and respectful kids that live in the word of God. Every individual in this year group has played a part in making this year a special time of lifelong memories. This made an astounding community. As now we are practicing for graduation, hand over assembly and the Christmas Concert I believe that these past 3 weeks will go by fast, in fact, this year has flown by and everything has been so memorable. I would like to thank all the teachers, that have helped us throughout these years, from kindy to year 6. You all have nurtured us and taught us to be who we are today. This has been a great 8 years that are unforgettable. Many students wish that this year will never finish but as the famous philosophers say, all good things must eventually come to an end.