STEAM Buidling

STEAM Buidling
Our STEAM Build is underway!
The new and highly anticipated STEAM building is under construction and will be open in 2022! This building is intended to focus on catering to the growing Secondary School and the more advanced curriculum that comes with Upper High School.
The build will be completed in stages, with the first stage introducing a metalwork space, woodwork space and IT lab. In addition, there will be an office space for our Assistant Principal and extra office space for our growing Secondary staff.
Following the second stage of construction, we will have added two Science classrooms, one Food and Nutrition classroom and one Arts classroom. The third and final stage will commence in 2023 and will involve the construction of an engineering foyer space which will cater to technologies such as VR and AI.
We’re excited to reveal an artist impression of the STEAM building project which gives us a glimpse into what it will look like upon its completion!