Stars N Stripes Grand Championships

Stars N Stripes Grand Championships

Over the weekend, the Carey Baptist College Jewels competed at the CUA: Stars N Stripes Grand Championships at HBF Stadium.

The Jewels have spent the year training hard for this event, with 30 clubs and schools competing, equating to 400 teams!

The Carey Jewels enjoyed success in a variety of divisions, including the Year 9 Diamonds winning the highest score for the Lyrical division of the entire competition.

Incredibly, the Carey Baptist College Jewels were awarded the CUA Spirit and Sportsmanship Award, which is awarded to the club which demonstrates integrity, kindness, inclusivity, diversity and excellence. Carey Baptist College is the first-ever school to receive this prestigious award.

Congratulations to Mrs Amy Taylor (Director of Cheerleading), the amazing coaches and our wonderful teams.


CUA Spirit & Sportsmanship Award 2019 Winners – Carey Baptist College

We love to recognise and encourage cheer and dance programs that are living out the values that we strive to embody with CUA – Kindness, Inclusion, Excellence, Respect and Equality. We understand first hand the importance of being part of a safe and supportive cheerleading community and the role that plays in allowing young athletes to thrive in life.

This year, we received more than 300 nominations for this award and we were amazed to hear about the positive things happening out in the WA gyms!

Carey Baptist College embraces every single one of our values – this starts at the top, with the head coach Amy Taylor and all assistant coaches setting a wonderful example to the athletes.

Inclusion is the program’s priority. There are no auditions or minimum skill standards to meet. Any athlete who has the enthusiasm, the commitment and the willingness to be taught, will find a place in a team. All members are welcomed and are made to feel valued, respected and welcomed; they are truly loved for who they are and for what they bring to their team.

Carey Baptist have demonstrated kindness to the highest level in the way the team members relate to each other, the way they support one another, the way the older athletes and look out for the younger ones and for the way they are so respectful to their head coach and to the wider staff in general.

This year, they have initiated handing out pegs with positive words of encouragement, as a way to say good luck to other clubs – a special idea they learnt about and adapted from one of the team’s recent trip to the UK and Europe.

With regard to excellence – this program uses encouragement and challenges to push their athletes to become their best self. They motivate and inspire by giving out awards for athletic achievement or leadership. The program coordinator was recently awarded Coach of the Year by the school, and several of the team were recognised with the school’s top sports awards last month.

Thank you, Carey Baptist College for your positive contribution to the cheer and dance community – very well deserved recipients of the CUA Spirit & Sportsmanship Award! Congratulations to Amy Taylor and all of your students!

The results for the weekend are as follows:


Junior Jazz
Diamonds: 1st

Junior Lyrical
Pearls: 3rd
Crystals: 2nd
Diamonds: 1st

Senior Lyrical
Rubies: 4th
Titanium: 3rd
Opals: 2nd

Junior Pom
Pearls: 3rd
Crystals: 2nd
Diamonds: 1st

Senior Pom
Titanium: 3rd
Opals: 1st

Overall highest scoring Lyrical routine of the day: Diamonds

CUA Star Award: Kyle Davies


Secondary Junior Level 1
Pearls: 3rd Place
Crystals: 2nd Place
Diamonds: 1st Place

Secondary Senior Level 1
Platinum: 1st Place

CUA Star Award: Kombo Mataruse