Success at National Robotics Championships

Success at National Robotics Championships
Carey Robotics have returned from a great trip to the VEX Robotics Australian National Championships in Adelaide! Despite facing tougher competition this year, our three teams showcased incredible resilience and character throughout the event.
Team 79419X (Triston, Alan, Callum, Gabriel and Elroy) ranked 32nd in qualifications, placed 5th in the Skills Challenge, and secured the prestigious Create Award for their innovative approach and robot design.
Team 79419G (Simon, Kevin, Tayjus, Elden and Alex) achieved an impressive 8th place in qualifications, reaching the quarter-finals where they faced the Tournament Champions.
Team 79420W (Aiden, Ganesh, Vihaan and Dominic) exhibited fantastic teamwork, securing 21st place in challenges and 17th in skills, contributing significantly to the collective effort.
Thank you to our staff Mr Braithwaite, Mr Lin and Mrs Schrader for their invaluable support in making this trip possible!
It has been incredible to see the growth in our Robotics Program this year! We have grown from five teams to seventeen this year, which speaks volumes about the dedication and passion within our community.