STEM Girls in Aviation

STEM Girls in Aviation

Four Carey Harrisdale students were recently invited by Qantas to participate in the STEM Girls in Aviation Program. The Program is designed to motivate and encourage women to explore and join the aviation industry.

The students were provided with a memorable experience and an opportunity to learn the intricate details of flying an aeroplane. Students heard about the processes each pilot, crew member, traffic control and engineers must follow in order to fly.

The day was filled with inspirational talks, networking, workshops and time to ask questions. Incredible and inspiring women shared their stories and provided further information to educate on aviation.

A standout highlight of the day was the 3D virtual simulation which gave the students the opportunity to experience what it is like to pilot a plane. They learnt what to do in an aircraft emergency and also discovered that 95% of the time, the plane is on autopilot!

Congratulations Paarthvi, Darshanna, IIshita and Mhairi on your selection to participate in this fantastic program!