Project Truck Run!

Project Truck Run!

Last week, our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary children were intrigued to find their rock pile had been moved! Our Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs Olivia Montgomery and Education Assistant, Mrs Melinda Saunders had moved six rocks unbeknown to the students.

Our teaching staff were hatching a plan to develop the natural landscape area outside of our early learning centre all to the surprise of our students.

Our little enthusiasts decided to help their teachers and with some big muscles, tyres were brought in, holes were dug, wood chips were cleared, a path was beginning to form and so a truck run was born!

The students were investigating and learning in all areas. They were measuring, negotiating, collaborating, designing, experimenting, directing and working hard!

At lunchtime, the students discussed what else needed to be done. Some students identified that we needed bridges, gravel and road signs. Thursday came and we had a delivery! Plants, soil, gravel and more shovels. Some students worked with Geoff, a grandad of one of our students, to plant donated plants from himself and environmental group SERCUL. While others worked on the ‘truck run’, unloading the trailer and filling the track with gravel.

The children were so engaged and motivated by the opportunity to be involved in the process, you could tell they had a real sense of ownership. It was a delight to overhear conversations about how proud they were of themselves.