From the Primary Principal – Harrisdale

From the Primary Principal – Harrisdale

There have been a number of large and small projects happening in the Primary School to beautify our environment and make it more user-friendly.

One large project has been our fort playground, which was finally finished over the last Christmas holidays.  This has taken four years to roll out, with each section being overseen and coordinated by our talented Mrs Mitchell.  The children absolutely love to play in this spacious, interesting and creative space. It also provides a lovely welcome as people enter the Primary School.

A beautiful tree was planted between the Year 6 classrooms and Art Room – at least, it was a stunning red colour before all the leaves blew off!  It is sure to be just as gorgeous come springtime!

A limestone wall was built by our Year 11 & 12 students as part of their construction course – and they did a fabulous job!  Mr Dower was responsible for replacing the old water pump, installing the raised deck and laying the grass. Our Kindy and Pre-Primary students are certainly making the most of these new spaces to play in

Mr Dower also put in some fantastic benches outside the Year 2 classes.  They are well-utilised already by both students and parents at various times throughout the day. Eventually it will be mulched underneath as grass struggles to grow in these areas.

Mrs De Villiers has been busy too, organising a lovely display in the Year 1 courtyard, and finally, the trophy cabinets that the Year 6s of 2018 presented to the Primary School are built and installed in the Office, proudly displaying our Sports trophies and awards from over the years.  Please feel free to come in and take a look!
We will give you another update on special projects around the Primary later in the year.

Ms Kellie Cockram – Primary Principal, Harrisdale.