Outdoor Education Camp

Outdoor Education Camp

Year 11 Harrisdale students recently completed a 3-day hiking expedition in Walpole, after over two months of planning.

The Outdoor Education program aims to increase students independence in the outdoors so as they can complete expeditions safely while managing themselves in a self-sufficient manner. Students woke up at 3:30am to hike up Mount Clare through rain and 50km per hour winds, whilst carrying everything including their tents, bedding, clothing, food and water.

Students collected a bag full of plastic rubbish on a 150m stretch of remote Circus beach, highlighting human impacts on the environment after three days walking in the wilderness.

Mr Corey May, Director of Outdoor Education said, “The tour is always a highlight and this year was no exception.”

Students will now start to plan an expedition to Kalbarri, where students will canoe up the Murchison River and Abseil into Z-bend gorge.