Welcome to our Inclusive Education Coordinator, Angela Nissen

Welcome to our Inclusive Education Coordinator, Angela Nissen

Mrs Angela Nissen has started in a new role at Carey Forrestdale as the Inclusive Education Coordinator. We asked her to share a little about what inspires her to do what she does.

“The late Rita Pierson once said, ‘Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can be.’ As an educator, it is my passion and joy to see each child I encounter reach their potential. Joining the Carey Forrestdale team has been both an honour and an immense privilege, and I am absolutely thrilled to journey alongside students, parents, and teachers in the Carey community.

As the Inclusive Education Coordinator, across both Primary and Secondary, my role is to ensure students are given every opportunity to succeed. This includes students with learning difficulties, diagnosed disabilities as well as those who are gifted and talented and those who are twice-exceptional. To do so requires a shared care approach, holding high expectations for all students, and seeing each student as more than their difficulty or disability. Doing so builds a culture of inclusion.

Finally, I absolutely love Carol Dweck’s theory of fostering within our students a growth mindset and the power of yet. Why? Because yet enables our students to see possibility rather than failure. It’s the understanding that each child has an individual learning curve, and with dedication, resilience and hard work each child is capable of developing a love of learning and can achieve great accomplishments.

– Mrs Angela Nissen | Inclusive Education Coordinator