Keeping our Primary school children safe

The “Kiss n Ride” student drop off and pick up system in Carey Primary allows traffic to flow freely, provides convenience for parents and additional safety for our children.

If you are new to the College or have not been using the system but would like to, below is a quick reminder of how the system works at Carey:

Drop Off

  • Enter through Entrance 3 on Reilly Road and continue along the left-hand lane down to the orange cones and bunting. As signposted, the speed limit here is 10km.
  • Stop next to the volunteers wearing bright jackets. They will assist your children out of the left-hand side of your vehicle.

Pick Up

  • Please follow the above and when you arrive at the first volunteers and state your child name. Then proceed to the next volunteer.
  • When your children are ready, the volunteers will assist the children into your vehicle.
  • If they are not ready then you will be directed to continue out of the exit (Exit 4) at the end of the carpark, back along Reilly Road and back in through Entrance 3.

Once you have collected or dropped your child, you must remain in the left-hand lane until the merge point.

Please note

Please do not arrive early for pick up and park in the left-hand lane (prior to 3.10 pm). This causes traffic congestion and gridlocks traffic on both Reilly and Wright roads.

In the interest of safety, please follow the signage in place and utilise the entrances and exits to the College correctly. Please also refrain from parking on footpaths around the College as this further compromises student safety.

If you require a dashboard sign displaying your child’s name for pick up at the end of the day, please contact Primary Administration.

This procedure is for both Primary and Secondary families wishing to use the Primary side of the College. Dropping children before this point causes traffic congestion outside the College grounds.