Primary School Bands and Ensembles

Primary School students have many performance opportunities to showcase their musical talents. Entry into bands takes place in Term 4, when you are invited to sign up for the following year. Auditions are not required – only enthusiasm, commitment to before/after school rehearsals and agreement to bring your own instrument!
Historically, the following extracurricular music groups have been on offer to our Primary School students:
  1. String Ensemble I – Beginners (Assisted Entry Program): Invitation only.
  2. String Ensemble II – Experienced.
  3. Year 5 Concert Band – Beginners (Assisted Entry Program): Invitation only.
  4. Percussion ensemble: For students taking percussion lessons at Carey.
  5. Guitar Attack: For students taking classical guitar lessons at Carey.
  6. Junior and Senior Choir: See below for sign up information.

For students entering later in the year, please get in touch via email with the Primary Music Teacher or Music Administrator.


We are pleased to announce that expressions of interest are now open to students in Years 1-6 who are interested in joining the choir at Carey Harrisdale. There will be two choirs running in 2024 – the Junior Choir (Years 1-3) and Senior Choir (Years 4-6). Choir members will have opportunities to perform for various events that happen within the school community. They will represent the school in events such as festivals, concerts and public community events. Choir members will have opportunities to further develop their Musicianship skills such as vocal harmonising, sight-singing, interpreting and analysing music. They will learn a variety of repertoire from different genres such as classical, contemporary, pop, jazz and blues. There will be a strong focus on performance skills in 2024.
If your child is interested in joining the Choir, please register your interest using the forms below. The days and times of rehearsals will be finalised in Term 1 2024. There are limited spots available for each Choir. Students will be invited to join the Choir based on the Music Director’s assessment of their music aptitude as well as personal and social development. If your child is offered a spot in a Choir, they will receive a Letter of Invitation from the Music Department. We will inform you of the outcome early Term 1 2024.
Junior Choir Enrolment Form
Senior Choir Enrolment Form

String Ensemble II (Mixed Abilities)

Expression of Interest

We are pleased to announce that in 2024, we are extending our invitation to all students at Carey Baptist Primary (Harrisdale) going into Year 3-6 who are learning a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, harp, double bass) with a tutor. The String Tutor that your child is having lessons can be from outside of Carey or internally with our Music Department. String Ensemble members will have plenty of opportunities to perform throughout the year for school events, festivals, concerts and community engagements.
The String Ensemble Program will be heavily subsidised by the Primary Music Department and a one-off band levy of $220 will be charged to students to help cover the running costs of the program for the whole year.
To be eligible to apply, students need to meet the following criteria:
  • Will be in Year 3 to 6 in 2023
  • Have been learning the instrument for at least one year
  • Able to commit to weekly rehearsals and be ready to perform when asked to
  • Continue to take private tuition with a tutor throughout the year to develop their instrument skill
The day and time of rehearsal will be finalised early Term 1 2024 and will be dependent on Ensemble Director availability.

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