Harrisdale Enrolment FAQs

Need help with your child’s year of entrance? Click below for our Academic Year of Entry Guide.

Children born between Begin Kindergarten Begin Pre-Primary Begin Year 1 Begin Year 7 Begin Final Year
01/07/2005 30/06/2006 2010 2011 2012 2018 2023
01/07/2006 30/06/2007 2011 2012 2013 2019 2024
01/07/2007 30/06/2008 2012 2013 2014 2020 2025
01/07/2008 30/06/2009 2013 2014 2015 2021 2026
01/07/2009 30/06/2010 2014 2015 2016 2022 2027
01/07/2010 30/06/2011 2015 2016 2017 2023 2028
01/07/2011 30/06/2012 2016 2017 2018 2024 2029
01/07/2012 30/06/2013 2017 2018 2019 2025 2030
01/07/2013 30/06/2014 2018 2019 2020 2026 2031
01/07/2014 30/06/2015 2019 2020 2021 2027 2032
01/07/2015 30/06/2016 2020 2021 2022 2028 2033
01/07/2016 30/06/2017 2021 2022 2023 2029 2034
01/07/2017 30/06/2018 2022 2023 2024 2030 2035
01/07/2018 30/06/2019 2023 2024 2025 2031 2036
01/07/2019 30/06/2020 2024 2025 2026 2032 2037
01/07/2020 30/06/2021 2025 2026 2027 2033 2038
01/07/2021 30/06/2022 2026 2027 2028 2034 2039
01/07/2022 30/06/2023 2027 2028 2029 2035 2040
01/07/2023 30/06/2024 2028 2029 2030 2036 2041
01/07/2024 30/06/2025 2029 2030 2031 2037 2042
01/07/2025 30/06/2026 2030 2031 2032 2038 2043
01/07/2026 30/06/2027 2031 2032 2033 2039 2044
01/07/2027 30/06/2028 2032 2033 2034 2040 2045
01/07/2028 30/06/2029 2033 2034 2035 2041 2046
01/07/2029 30/06/2030 2034 2035 2036 2041 2047
01/07/2030 30/06/2031 2035 2036 2037 2042 2048
How do I apply?
The first step of the enrolment process is to complete our free Application Form (see link above). This can be found online, or we also have hard copies available from our Enrolments Office. Once this form is received, one of our Enrolments Officers will contact you by email to acknowledge that your child is now on our application list for the requested year, and advise of the next steps.
What are the intake years at Carey and how do your waitlists work?
Our main intake years are Kindergarten and Year 7. For all other years, a placement is dependant on an existing student leaving the school and creating a vacancy. If a vacancy becomes available, we contact families on the waitlist dependant on their application date with siblings of existing students having first preference.
I am applying for Year 7. When can I expect to hear from Carey?
We commence offering interviews for Year 7 when the student starts Year 5. We contact families based on their original date of application with siblings of existing students having first preference.
Do I have to live in the area?
No. We have an open enrolment policy which means that we do not have a local intake area or boundary of intake.
Do I have to attend church?
We are a Christian school, and are welcoming of all religions and cultures. We do however expect that enrolled families will support our beliefs and values.
Do you have Scholarships?
Yes, we offer three different Carey GATE (Gifted and Talented Entry) Scholarships for Year 7 entry each year - STEM, Academic Excellence and Music Specialist. In addition to our GATE Scholarships, we also offer two other scholarships for Secondary School years - our William Carey Scholarship for students who are either first-generation descendants of a refugee or are refugees themselves, and our Carey Right Track Scholarship for indigenous students displaying leadership potential and a commitment to being positive role models within and beyond the Carey Community.
Where can I find course information for Secondary School years?
Please refer to our Coursebooks for all years of Secondary School found on our Harrisdale Secondary page (see link above).
Do you have any Bus services?
Yes, Carey Baptist College provides a number of different bus services for our students from Year 1 through to Year 12. There are currently three different bus systems available to our families: Contracted Buswest Services (Routes 1 to 4) Transperth Buses (#518 and #519) PTA Orange School Bus (Forrestdale North). Please refer here for more information.
Do you take international students?
Carey Baptist College can currently accept students on a wide range of temporary and permanent residency visa's, however we are unable to enrol students on a Student visa (500), tourist or Visitor's visa. Please call our Enrolments Office to verify if your visa qualifies.
Do you offer out of school hours care? (OSHC)
The OSHC Program at Carey Harrisdale is organised by Jump Carey Early Development. The Program aims to extend and enrich the wellbeing and development of school-aged children. Before school and after school programs are available during the school term for students in Primary School, as well as vacation care during school holidays. To learn more, please contact Jump or visit jump.asn.au.
If my child attends Carey Jump Childcare, are they automatically on the waitlist for Kindergarten at Carey Forrestdale?
No, you will need to apply separately online to place your child's name on the waitlist for Kindergarten at Carey Harrisdale or Forrestdale.
How many students attend Carey Harrisdale?
There are over 1500 students at Carey Harrisdale, from Kindergarten to Year 12. Around 850 in the Secondary School, and nearly 650 in the Primary School.
What are the Fees and Charges?
Please refer to our Accounts page for detailed Fees and Charges Schedule for 2022 (see link above), and how fees can be paid.
How do I request information about the College?
There is plenty of information to be found on our website, but we are always happy to post out an Information Pack or speak to you in person if you'd like to drop in to see us at either campus.
How do I book for a College Tour?
College Tours can be booked on our website (see link above), and you will receive a follow-up phone call if you request one. At the tours, you will meet our Principals, hear about the many features of a Carey education and see our vibrant campus.
What languages are taught at Carey Harrisdale?
Across both the Primary School and Secondary School, we teach Mandarin, Japanese and Indonesian.
Is there a fee to apply?
At the moment, we are waiving our $50 Application free, so there is no fee to apply and place your child's name on our waitlist. Once you begin the enrolment process with us and are offered a place, a non-refundable enrolment confirmation fee of $500 is payable for the first child in a family, and $250 for a second child. After that, no confirmation fee is charged for third or more children in a family. This fee holds your child's place until they begin at Carey.
What are the class sizes for the Primary school?
Kindy 20, Pre Primary 26, Year 1,2 & 3 26 Year 4, 5 & 6 28. We have 3 streams in each year starting from Pre Primary.