First Day of School 2021

First Day of School 2021
Welcome back! What a wacky start to the year, but we’re ready and excited to have everyone back and to have new students joining us.

The beginning of the School Year was met with an obstacle in the form of COVID-19 resurfacing in WA and a 5-day lockdown which postponed school recommencing.

All of our Secondary students and every staff member at Harrisdale and Forrestdale wore a face mask today for the first day back at school. We’re so proud of all our Secondary students for wearing their masks and thankful to our whole community for playing a part in keeping our community safe whilst we move full-steam ahead into the new school year.

Our Forrestdale staff also dressed up wacky today to have a bit of first day fun!

It’s so great to see our Carey community together again.