Cameron Tan Starts First-Year Medical School

Cameron Tan Starts First-Year Medical School

Congratulations to 2020 Graduate, Cameron Tan who was offered a place in the Undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine at Curtin University this year. 

Cameron ended up taking a gap year in 2021 to focus his efforts full-time on preparing for the UCAT test last August. He was also working at a local swim school and took up tutoring students at Carey Forrestdale in Maths, which he really enjoyed.

Cameron is absolutely thrilled as it was a tough and stressful year, that proved to have a successful outcome for him.

“It’s very competitive, so it was a big relief to finally find out in January that I had an offer. I spent most of the first half of the year preparing for the UCAT and I was super happy with my score. 

“I then started preparing for my interview, in the hope I would get one but didn’t know what to expect. Getting the text message and email that you’re getting an interview is a big deal. I had an interview in November and then the hardest part was waiting until January to find out if I had an offer. 

“I couldn’t be happier and I’m really excited to get started. I know it’s a big journey ahead, but I’m excited to see where I end up.” Cameron said. 

In reflecting on his time at Carey, Cameron said the best thing was the teachers and the community. 

“The teachers were there to support us and help set us up for success. They went above and beyond to make sure we learned and understood what we needed to and really cared that we were also doing okay in the process.


“There were also opportunities to give yourself balance through sports and outdoor activities. I loved all the trips I went on. The Cape to Cape, the Snow trip, and the Outdoor Ed trips. Those experiences I’ll remember for a long time.” he said. 

We asked Cameron if he had any tips for current students. 

“Make sure that you keep yourself motivated and keep a balance. It can be hard to not push for the whole year, but I found it was important to plan stuff to look forward to and give myself a bit of a break from studying.”

We think that’s great advice! Congratulations Cameron, we are proud of you and wish you well in your training.