Art Collaboration on Year 10 X-Over

Art Collaboration on Year 10 X-Over
“My name is David. I’m a Year 10 student who went to Meekatharra with the Carey Right Track Foundation as part of my X-Over Program during the April holidays.
For me, Meekatharra has always been about connecting with other people, so it was a great opportunity to go and spend time with the local youth. During the trip we also spent time with local Indigenous artist, Ando Binsiar and together we created a piece of art for the school. As Ando explained to us, Indigenous art is intended to share a story and pass on information.
So here’s the story of the painting:
The bottom left hand shows the large community of Perth with lots of water. The top right is Meekatharra. A small, dry community.
The white and black dots show our 10 hour bus ride to and from Meeka. The circles and U’s represent a meeting place. The meeting place in the middle of the picture is where we ran activities to support Meeka Youth services such as music, painting and games.
The oval circles with the U’s at the bottom right represent Carey partnering with the Stephen Michael Foundation to run the athletics carnival for the youth.
Being part of this team was a massive privilege and a wonderful experience and I do hope someday I will volunteer again.”