Pre-Primary Rice Baby Project

Pre-Primary Rice Baby Project
Our Pre-Primary ‘Rice Baby Project’ is a memorable one for our Carey families!

Each year our Pre-Primary classes learn about how much they have grown and changed since they were born. One way to demonstrate their significant growth is to make rice babies.

The teachers help the students weigh themselves and show them the equivalent weight in rice. They then measure out their birth weight in rice and get the children to heft it. Later the students fill stockings with their rice and turn the resultant ‘sausages’ into ‘babies’ with faces.

The children give their rice babies names and make them beds to sleep in. They spend some time role playing how to take care of babies with their classmates and finally take their rice babies home.

We have heard that some Carey families have kept their rice babies for a long time. One even till their Year 12 Graduation!

Who still has a Rice Baby?