Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I hire my instrument through the school for music?
No – Carey does not hold stock of instruments, so families are required to hire/buy their own instrument prior to the first lesson or band rehearsal. NB: Pianos and percussion/drum kits are on site for lessons, but students studying these still need adequate equipment at home to practice on.
How are music lessons scheduled?
All lessons are scheduled directly by our music tutors and visible on your child’s SEQTA timetable. Lessons are scheduled on a rotating basis, Monday to Friday during school hours, so students don’t miss more than two of the same lesson or activity throughout the term. *New primary students should contact the music administrator for access to SEQTA.
Can I request set times or out of school hours for my child?
Only students in Years 11 & 12 on an ATAR pathway or students with a recognised IEP may negotiate fixed lesson times with the tutor. All other students will have their lesson scheduled during school hours on a rotating basis. Please note: lessons may occur during recess and lunch.
How does my child catch up on the classwork they miss when they are excused for a music lesson?
It is the student/parent’s responsibility to liaise with teachers and find out what work was missed due to the music lesson. The department does not accept responsibility for this.
What happens if my child is absent from a lesson?
Students are obligated to notify their music tutor at least a week in advance if they will be unable to attend their music lesson for any reason (e.g excursion, test, appointment). While all care is taken to schedule around published events in the College calendar, not all information is available in advance. All absences on the day will result in the lesson being forfeited. Tutors may be able to arrange a lesson swap if adequate notice is given.
Will the tutor collect my child from class for their lessons?
Tutors will collect students from class if they are in Pre-primary to Year 4. From Year 5 onwards, all students must make their way to building M by themselves for their lessons.
How do I pay for tuition?
Invoices are generated each term in approximately weeks 2 or 3 and emailed out to parents. The lesson fees are charged pro rata and payable within the usual 14 day accounting period. Lesson fees are separate to school fees.
Where can instruments be stored before lessons?
Secondary students can store their guitars upstairs in building M near the music administration desk, and all other instruments downstairs between the elevator and the science corridor. All primary students are required to keep their instruments at their classroom.
How do I withdraw my child from lessons?
Withdrawals are possible at the end of Term 2 before Term 3 commences, if wishing to withdraw mid-year. All requests must be made in writing to the tutor and the music administrator before they have can processed.
Can I choose who the music tutor will be?
Preferences for music tutors will be taken into consideration, however due to availability it is not always possible to allocate students to their desired tutor.