Carey GATE Program and Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Application Process

Do I need to pay to apply for the Carey GATE Scholarship Test?
No. The College pays ACER for the HAST test and its administration of the results.
Do I need to sit the Government GATE (ASET) test in order to apply for the Carey GATE (HAST) test?
No, they are two different programs. It is good practice to sit a similar test (in terms of test literacy), and the ASET results can be sent in later (in mid May) to demonstrate evidence of academic achievement. Documents can be added to the students application file up to the last date that Round 2 offers are made.
If I have already sat the ASET Test, do I also need to set the HAST Test?
Yes, everyone who is short-listed and offered the test, needs to sit the HAST Test, so that a fair ranking can take place on the same assessment.
Do I need to attend the Information Evening in order to apply for the Carey GATE Scholarship?
No, but it is helpful. The power point presentation (which summarises the key information) is put up online on the Carey website straight after the Information Evening.
Can I complete the application form online, but hand in my documents separately at the school?
Yes. All online material is printed off and added to a student application file.
Will applying for the Carey GATE Scholarship assure a place for my child at Carey, regardless whether they're successful?
No. They need to be successful in being offered a scholarship and GATE place as a result of their HAST test results (plus their application points). This is when they are offered a place in Year 7. An interview with the Principal is also required and an acceptance of the offer within 7 days. Once all the Round 1 offers are completed, any remaining offers of places will be sent out in a Round 2.
If my child has already been interviewed and confirmed for a place in Year 7, does that exclude them for the Scholarship?
No, all applicants are considered.
If my child has already been interviewed and confirmed for a place in Year 7, does that favour them for a Scholarship?
No. It comes down to the evidence provided, regardless of their school.
If my child has already had an enrolment interview for a place at Carey, and they are successful in obtaining a Scholarship, do they need another interview with the Principal?
No. A Principal’s interview is only required for those that haven’t had a meeting with the Principal and a place confirmed. Parents who already have a confirmed place only need to submit the accept / decline form that is sent with the offer to complete the process.
10. Are Carey Year 6 students favoured over external students? Or vice versa?
All students are ranked using the same criteria, and students scoring the highest points are invited to attend the HAST Test. A Committee of 4four staff put together the student rankings.
Do students have to reapply for the scholarships each year?
No, the scholarships carry over for each year the students are enrolled at Carey Harrisdale.

The Application Form

Do I need to number all the boxes on the application form, or can I just put a number next to one option, if that is all we wish to apply for?
Applicants can place just a 1, or a 1 and a 2, or a 1, 2, and 3 in the boxes if they want to apply for either one, two or all three of the programs. The most common application has a 1 and a 2.
Will my child be offered their second or third preference?
This depends on the number of applicants, their results and the number of available positions in each program. They will be offered the highest preference they qualify for based on their results.
The Information Presentation says that applicants are ranked on the basis of points given for reports, NAPLAN results, awards etc. Are there any further details?
The majority of points come from the school reports and the NAPLAN results, as these are academic indicators. Points allocated to reports are not limited to grades, but also include behaviour, effort and attitude, and involvement in PEAC (however evidence is needed, such as a letter of placement). Other categories where points are allocated include Sport, Art, Culture, Community Service, Leadership and recent Academic Awards (evidence is needed). References (e.g. from Music teachers) can be included. It is best to put in as much of this as possible.

The HAST Test

If my child is unwell or unable to sit the exam on the day can they re-sit on another day?
Contact the Curriculum Office. It is possible to sit the exam on the Monday morning following the HAST Test on Saturday, by arrangement. The HAST Tests are then sent to ACER for marking.
Can I get a copy of my child’s test to see how they performed?
All test papers are shipped across the country and ACER ranks the candidates and provides us with the results. We do not have access to the test papers and answers.
The Education Department provides a performance report showing the four individual section scores and a TSS (Total Standard Score). Can I get this from Carey as well?
In the Government system, the TSS (Total Standard Score) is the determinant of places offered in the main GATE program. At Carey, there are three different GATE programs, and the Test scores are not the only factor that determines the final ranking, but there are different weightings in each case and the points for applications are also added. As a result, the TSS is not relevant and not provided. However, a diagram showing where your child was ranked on the HAST Test is provided by ACER and will be sent to you when the Round 1 offers are released.
Although my child is really bright, they don’t do as well on tests. Will this be taken into account?
Yes it will. However, these GATE programs are academic selective programs. Over half the allocated points come from the Year 5 report and the NAPLAN results to get an invitation to sit the HAST Test. In addition, the HAST test is a rigorous academic test. This process is used to determine the scholarship offers. Other Year 7 students are offered places in each of the GATE programs as well (see next question), but these are not scholarship places.
If my child is not selected to sit the HAST test, or does not get offered one of the scholarship places, is there any possibility of still being part of one of the three GATE programs?
Yes. The HAST Test and application is used to determine the scholarship places. However, there are additional places offered to Carey students to join each of the three GATE classes during Year 7. These GATE places are by invitation or audition and occur as a result of Year 6 Semester 2 reports; their talent in a particular area; or their academic performance during Year 7 or Year 8.

Carey’s GATE program

Can my child be in more than one of Carey’s Specialist GATE programs?
Yes, they can. Music Specialist operates on the Music line (Performing Arts), and these students can also be part of the STEM OR Academic Excellence programs. In addition, as the Academic Excellence group meets after school on Monday, other GATE students may request to join this group for some of their competitions (if there is available space).
How does the Carey GATE program differ from that of Government schools?
There are a number of differences between GATE programs in public schools and Carey’s: The selection process. Carey’s selection involves a wider set of evidence to determine its ranking which contributes to the invitation to the HAST Test; and this is added to the test and audition (in Music) results. The test results and other evidence is weighted to determine which students are suitable for each of the three programs. This means that the Maths and Reasoning components of the HAST Test are weighted more highly for the STEM program students; and the Writing and Comprehension components are weighted more highly for the Academic Excellence programs. In Music Specialist, 50% comes from the data and 50% from the audition. There are three GATE specialist programs (STEM, Music and Academic Excellence) that are run in addition to the normal extension classes. In Science for example, the students participate with the other Extension Science students for the normal 240 minutes, and are part of the specialist GATE STEM program (120 minutes) on top of that. This means they are not in the same exclusive group for all of their classes, but mix with a variety of other extension students. This assists them to develop their ‘soft skills’ (collaboration, interpersonal, teamwork, creative thinking, communication, etc) of working with a wider variety of others in different contexts.
Do the GATE programs occur during school time?
GATE STEM takes place during two sessions (2 hours) allocated in the timetable for homework; Academic Excellence is taken in one of these sessions and has an after-school session on Monday afternoon (which is a combined Year 7/8 group); Music Specialist takes place as the Performing Arts elective, and there is one after-school session per wee

Music Specialist

If my child is applying for the GATE Music Scholarship, will they still need to sit the HAST Test?
Yes. The mark they receive is a composite of the HAST Test and the Music Audition (50% for each). This is used to offer the Music Specialist places.
Can my child apply for the Music Scholarship with Voice (Singing) as their instrument?
Yes, they can.
If my child puts down Music Specialist as one of their three choices, will they also get a Music Audition?
Not necessarily. The Committee looks at the student’s experience, AMEB level and instrument played, and offers an audition on the basis of these. A minimum of AMEB Grade 2 (or similar) is recommended. Generally the first preference listed on the application is considered more highly than second and third preferences. It would be unusual to be offered a Music audition if it was a third preference.