Carey Baptist College provides a number of different bus services for our students from Year 1 through to Year 12. We have a range of procedures to ensure we continue to provide a safe, viable and efficient service to our College families.

There are currently three different bus systems available to our families:

  • Contracted Buswest Services (Routes 1 to 4)
  • Transperth Buses (#518, #519 and #233)
  • PTA Orange School Bus (Forrestdale North).

Students are expected to adhere to our Student Codes of Conduct while travelling on the buses.  

All students must be registered to catch the bus service. Due to legislation, all students catching the services need to be seated and have a seat belt allocated. Registration also supports us to provide adequate duty of care in being able to track students’ movements between home and school, as well as helping to ensure we can communicate with relevant families in case of an emergency.

All routes are set according to registered students. Students will embark and disembark at allocated stops. No deviations can occur from the scheduled route or bus stops.

Registration, Costs and Payment

To register for the 2024 bus services please complete the Bus Registration Form below.

The Bus Registration Form captures your child’s name, route and what option you nominate for use of these services e.g. Annual, Per Term or Pay as You Go. 

After registration, parents will be sent a link to RollCall where they will be able to create a profile and then book their child’s designated route and stop, make payments and view where the bus is at during the morning and afternoon route trips. This ensures that the College maintains our duty of care for each student and also allows us to monitor demand for the bus services and route changes.

Stops are outlined below in our route narratives if you wish to view them.

How to Register

  1. Register students via the Bus Registration Form 
  2. After processing by our staff, you will receive a “Welcome” email from RollCall.
  3. Access RollCall either via the website or the app. Set up your account, book your child on the relevant route and select the nearest bus stop. Add credit if paying Per Term or Pay As You Go.
  4. Students are required to use their SmartRider Cards for entry and exit.
  5. Re-registration of services will be required each year to ensure our data remains current.

Please Note: Payments will be made through RollCall (online website or mobile app) unless annual payment through Tuition Fees is selected on the registration form before 6 December 2023.

SmartRider Cards

All students using buses require SmartRider Cards. Students are required to use their SmartRider card for every trip to tag on and off the bus. 

All new Smartrider cards must be ordered through Student Reception. SmartRider cards will have the student’s photo and the College logo on it, meaning it can also be used as a Student ID card. All new and replacement cards will be delivered to Student Reception and students/parents will be notified.

Temporary Cards can also be issued while students are waiting for their card to arrive or in case of a lost card.

Please note, your SmartRider account with Transperth will not be debited or used by our contracted bus services. The Student Card contains approximately four chips. The chip for Transperth buses and trains is formatted solely for Transperth ticketing machines.

If you require a replacement SmartRider, please order through your school’s Administration Office.


Our fees for 2024

  • Annual Full-time (am and pm): $1158 (Year 12 $868)
  • Annual Part-time (am or pm): $579 (Year 12 $434)
  • Per Term Full-time (am or pm)): $336 per term 
  • Per Term Part-time (am or pm): $168 per term
  • Pay As You Go: $6.50 per ride
  • Un-registered Students: $7.70 per ride
  • Shuttle Only: Registration only required

Per Term, fees are only valid for the Term they are purchased in and cannot be spread over more than one term.  

Please note, bus fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Amounts have been calculated based on Term Dates. Term fees may differ slightly depending on the number of days in each term.

Unused credit in RollCall for Pay As You Go Accounts will roll over to the following term and year.


Payment for the bus service will be made through the RollCall parent app via PayPal or Credit Card, prior to students accessing this service. Please email if you have any issues during this process and we will gladly assist you.

Annual Fee Option
For those who wish to allocate your bus fees to your Tuition Fees for 2024, this will only be available until 6 December 2023.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note, credit card payments in RollCall attract a merchant fee.
  • Term passes are valid for one term only. Unused rides will not be rolled over to the next term.
  • Any outstanding bus fees may be transferred to Tuition Fees accounts and collected through College debt recovery processes.
  • If you wish to change your option this can be activated at the start of any new term by emailing

Using the Services

Catching the Bus

AM  – Students need to be at the allocated stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled for the allocated stop (refer to Route Descriptions for approximate times). Students tap on using their Student Card on the device next to the bus driver. When students arrive at the Harrisdale Campus, they exit the bus. Forrestdale students will make their way to the Forrestdale Shuttle, Harrisdale students will proceed to appropriate supervised student areas in the College.

PM – Students wait at the College bus stop at the front of each campus (Harrisdale Primary students will be escorted to the buses by a teacher on duty). All other students can make their way directly to the buses. Students tap on using their Student Card and tap off when they exit the bus. This is done at the front of the bus on the device next to the bus driver.

Forrestdale Campus Shuttle

Forrestdale Campus students may utilise any Carey bus routes terminating at the Harrisdale Campus, and then catch a shuttle bus between the campuses. The shuttle service between the two campuses is currently free. Students still need to be registered to use this service.

Once students arrive on the Route 1, 2, 3 or 4 buses in the morning, they should move to the bus labelled ‘Route 4’. This Shuffle bus will transfer students from the Harrisdale Campus to the Forrestdale Campus.

AM Schedule:
8:25am – Depart Harrisdale Campus
8:40am – Arrive Forrestdale Campus

PM Schedule: 
3:15pm – Depart Forrestdale Campus
3:30pm – Arrive Harrisdale Campus

Bus Routes and Services

Contracted Bus Services (Buswest)

The College contracts Buswest to provide four different routes to our families – Route 1, Route 2, Route 3 and Route 4.

Route 1: Jandakot, Success, Hammond Park and Cockburn.
Route 2: Canning Vale, Thornlie, Southern River and Gosnells.
Route 3:  Forrestdale, Oakford, Cardup, Byford and Darling Downs.
Route 4: Banjup, Aubin Grove and Atwell.

Route Changes

Bus routes are reviewed at the end of each year with Buswest to ensure they are supporting the majority of our student population and remaining viable. Families who wish to apply for a particular route to be changed can apply via the Route Change Request Form. Applications must be received by the requested date each year.

Bus routes may be altered over the course of the year if stops are not being utilised, leading to potential loss of service.  All registered bus users will be notified of changes to the routes and narratives as they occur. Please notify us if you no longer require the service.

Unregistered Students

When students ride the bus and are not registered, parents will be charged the unregistered rate.

For more information regarding Bus services, please email

Transperth Bus Services

Transperth buses #518 and #519 both divert to the Carey Harrisdale Campus on specific time schedules and service the wider community as well. Many students utilise these services and use a SmartRider to pay for their ticket.

Transperth organises these buses and times independently. Parents are encouraged to plan their child’s journey via the online Journey Planner on Transperth’s website. Simply type in ‘Carey Baptist College’ as the ‘Start’ or ‘End’ destination and this planner will do all the work for you.

Transperth: 13 62 13

Orange School Buses – PTA

The West Australian Public Transport Authority (PTA) offer two bus services for students who have limited to no access to public transport. There is a ‘Forrestdale North’ bus that services Carey Baptist College students. The PTA boundary will determine if you are eligible for this complimentary bus service or whether you are eligible to receive transport assistance. This process is entirely managed by the PTA. All information is available online and families need to apply online to start the process.

School Bus Services (PTA): 13 62 13